"It is art that makes life, makes interest,

makes importance, and I know of no substitute 

for the force and beauty of its process."

- Henry James

A memory stirred, a shared smile, a pull at the heart. This is what I hope to evoke through my art. Simple subjects, familiar scenes, vibrant colors, bold compositions and words remembered are my signatures. It's about seeing the familiar in a wonderful new way.

My art is a reflection of a lifetime of experience- fun childhood art, work as a graphic designer, a deep love of travel and the outdoors, teaching art and being in the presence of two beautiful children of my own, each creative in their own way.

I have always wanted to be an artist... one of my earliest works was on the driver's side of my parent's shiny new buick, painted oh so carefully with the bottle of touch up paint which did not quite match. I could not wait to show off my masterpiece! To this day, I love to share my work, making connections from my story to yours and hopefully bringing smiles along the way.